Sunday, September 6, 2015

Drive from Karachi to Istanbul - Preparations

Who doesn't love long scenic drives. But what if you can drive your own car through beautiful terrains, twisting roads, mountains, meadows & lakes. Seems like a dream? The dream is about to come true. For the first time ever, Motor Club of Pakistan in collaboration with Karachi Gliding Club brings you the opportunity to take one hell of a road trip from Karachi to Istanbul stopping by the historical cities of Bam, Yazd, Mashad, Tehran, Tabriz, Cappadocia, Ankara & Istanbul!

An Epic Adventure Starting Mid-September, Spanning Across 24 days, 10,000+ km, 30 Vehicles, 9 Cities & Unlimited Fun!

The route is from Karachi to Quetta on Day 1 and Quetta to Taftan and onto Zahedan, Iran on Day 2

A team of about 20 odd cars with about 60 or so people on board looks all set to go from South Asia all the way to South-Western borders of Europe in an epic 10,000 km journey.

The prep-ups include working with embassies and government departments of all 3 countries to ensure suitable pre-requisites being fulfilled as well as appropriate route, security and accommodations being arranged.

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