Friday, May 29, 2015

Ruttie - Jinnah

Truly remarkable love story of the Quaid-e-Azam, Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Rattanbai (Ruttie) Petit Dinshaw (Mariam Jinnah)

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Lolz Studios - Acts of Kindness

Theres this photography blog that had morphed into a inspirational infotainment troupe on social media called "Lolz Studio". Since 2010, when they started off, theyve come up with numerous videos which inspire, educate and entertain the audience with various nuances of life in Pakistan.

A team of 11 individuals, who keep comedy as their method of attracting viewers to diverse set of issues including voting in elections, load-shedding, inflation, pakistani achievements, social development, media, sport, women, college life and every day life in the country.

Im sharing 2 of my favorites here:
1) A comical sarcastic parody of the load-shedding situation in Pakistan - Happy hours
Load Shedding : The Inside Story.A small documentary about why the Government of Pakistan started Load Shedding in 2002. With actual on ground interviews from the field officers as well as common citizens. Have a chance to see never before footage of the Top Secret Project that the Government has been working on for over a decade.
Posted by Lolz Studios on Monday, June 10, 2013
2) An inspiring account of a remarkable initiative to promote kindness - Acts of Kindness

22 Random Acts of Kindness
Since so many people are curious... This video was shot in Islamabad, Pakistan.How I spent my 22nd Birthday.Song : Senraan Ra Baairya - Asif Hussain Samraat (Coke Studio S/5)LolzStudios : 2011 LolzStudios™. All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws. Produced by LolzStudios™P.S. Before anyone says REPOST! We are consolidating all our content on Facebook and therefore decided to upload this here.
Posted by Lolz Studios on Sunday, June 30, 2013
 Excellent work ppl, keeep it up!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Chilam Josh Festival

Celebrate spring at the Chilam Joshi festival!

The people of Kalash love music and dancing to the beat of drums. Both men and women partake in dancing festivities, where they make circles and enjoy the sound of music. Kalash is famous for their relaxed and life-loving approach; in fact Kalashis do not even mourn deaths. They are very connected to nature, and every year they host different festivals to thank their Gods.

One of the most famous festivals in Kalash is called the Chilam Joshi festival, celebrated during the month of May. The Kalashis believe that the pastoral god Sorizan protects their herds during autumn and winter, and so they host a winter festival to thank the god. Their other god, Goshidai protects the herds during summer and spring seasons and is thanked at the Chilam Joshi festival.

The Chilam Joshi festival lasts for four days. It starts in Rumbur valley (located in Kalash valley) and moves on to other valleys in the region. During this festival the Kalashi people pray for the safety of their fields and animals by spreading milk on their gods. Undoubtedly, Pakistan’s northern areas have raised the demand for Pakistan Hotels and the number of tourists visiting these beautiful places.

Kalashi’s live a unique life, quite different to mainstream Pakistani life. Kalashi’s practice their own religion and culture. encourages you to book a hotel in Chitral right away! It is always fascinating witnessing different cultures, and so we strongly encourage you to travel to Chitral and check out the Chilam Joshi festival held in the Kalash valleys.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Dheere Bolo

Bagh mein talaab hai, hum rehtay hai jahan
Machlee nahee o yaara, maindak hai sub yahaan

These are the starting lyrics to one (my fav) of the 4 books being sold (along with musical CD of the 4 stories) by Dheere Bolo. Had been talking with a friend about the limited number of local stories we have for kids, especially nursery rhymes and how most kids these days listen more to the likes of hickory dickory dock rather than the akar bakar bambay bo types.

There is very limited information available online on the existence of Pakistan nursery rhymes, especially good ones. So its good to see some really nicely developed stories which inform, educate and as seen from the pics of niece below, excite kids. I hear they are making more stories and songs. Cant wait for them to be out. Well done guys, keep it up!

P.S. Some other guys doing similarly awesome work are Cutputli,The Environment Protection Fund and Alif Laila Book Bus Society - hope to post stuff about them soon!

Palpable excitement
Enthusiastic much


Pensive mood afterwards
 Visit Dheere Bolo and order your kit by emailing them now! (Ive bought 5 already and have ordered 5 more)

Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Discover Mirpur - The largest city of Azad Kashmir

Located in Azad Kashmir in the Mirpur District, the city of Mirpur is the capital of the district as well as one of the largest cities in Azad Kashmir. It is a mountainous area and has a hot and dry climate.

It is located north of the industrial cities of Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Lahore etc. and also has very developed industries such as textile, vegetable fat, garments, cosmetics amongst others.

The city has very well planned and modern design buildings as there is a lot of investment from expats who are now living here. It also has a number of hotels, restaurants, shopping malls and other urban facilities.
Ramkot Fort
Ramkot Fort is located next to the Mangla dam. It is accessible by boat. When one visits the fort, they can also go to Dadyal village, which is a 30 minute walk from the fort. The Ramkot fort is built over the site of an old Hindu temple, and three sides of this fort are surrounded by the River Jhelum.

Mangla Fort
Mangla Fort is located on a high hill and overlooks the Jhelum river, which separates Jhelum from Mirpur. A part of this for was raised during the construction of the Mangla Dam, and the breath taking views are what makes it is a tourist destination.

Old Mirpur City
There are many shrines in Mirpur which have actually been drowned by the Mangla Lake. However, during the months of March and April, the water level recedes to such an extent that these shrines become visible, and people can actually drive on the roads.

Mirpur has many food centers and restaurants. There are small food streets takeaways and also elite eateries. Mirpuri cuisine is more similar to Punjabi food than it is to Kashmiri food.

Mirpur has a large shopping area around Chowk Shaheed. There are many stores, plazas, shopping malls and markets where they sell everything from hand-made pottery to international brands. Similar to every place in Pakistan, bargaining is common.

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