Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Posts on travel spots in Pakistan

Every now and then we keep coming across some pretty neat collections of places to visit in Pakistan. i will keep adding to this list as and when possible.

Here is an interesting list of places that are really beautiful though i wonder how many of these images are edited - i havent visited most :( Click Here
Bet you cant guess where this is....see link below
Some awesome pictures of Skardu - Click here

Things to do in Islamabad, the green - Click here

The enchanting Deosai Plains - Click here

7 Awesome places in Pakistan - Click here - Baltoro Glacier, Concordia, Trango Tower, Satpara Lake, Deosai Natl Park, Attabad Lake, Altit, Hunza.

16 vacation spots in Pakistan - Click here

9 amazing spots - Click here

17 places not in the north - Click here

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